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Ira Curry Debuts Official Trailer For His Reality Show 'The Ira Curry Show.'
Mya Mitchell
Sat, May 28, 2022, 09:18 AM
Ira Curry has released the debut trailer for his new television reality show, The Ira Curry Show, which is produced by Ira Curry Productions and Ira Curry Studios. 

The show is set to premiere in 2023. Presented as "God-inspired topics" with celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, and God's remnant, Ira premiered the trailer for the show in a promo video that first dropped via YouTube. >

“OMG, this is so surreal” Ira said of the opportunity to launch his own reality show. “It was NEVER my dream to have my own show, but it is finally happening,” he added.

Ira Curry Studios and Ira Curry Productions is producing The Ira Curry Show with Ira Curry as the Executive Producer. 

The show will feature Ira interviewing up-and-coming influencers, celebrities & entrepreneurs to get their take on all things entrepreneurship, faith, God and business, utilizing his unique talents and personalities. The show will also feature God's remnant interviews, in-depth talks, and stories with regular people. In addition, Ira will take us behind the scenes of his life to engage his fans.

Ira is excited to get to work, saying of his upcoming show, “I can’t wait until I return to Los Angeles to host the show and merge everything I love… entrepreneurship, faith, God, and business.”

*UPDATE* Months after recording the show, season one guests, series, and episodes have been officially confirmed by The Ira Curry Show and Ira is set to release the first promo for the series to give viewers a first glimpse of the show soon. “The Ira Curry Show” is one of the new entries into the television landscape this fall. 
Watch the trailer below:

The Ira Curry Show

The Ira Curry Show is an American television reality show created and hosted by business and media mogul Ira Curry, and produced by Ira Curry Productions, along with Ira Curry Studios. If you're interested in being a guest on the show, then apply to be on the show here.
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