Ira Curry is a God-made CEO, president, coach, consultant, speaker, chairman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the mastermind behind 4 muti-figure organizations and executive chairman of I Curry Consulting. Ira has built an empire that has attracted audiences throughout the world.

Born and raised in Mississippi, his childhood was marked by bullying and a household of poverty. From a young age, Ira learned to block out his daily experiences by drowning himself in his work.

Characterized by resilience, faith, and determination his leap of faith from corporate America provided Ira with the wisdom to launch his first business, Enginenear Credit Repair in 2018. Today, Ira owns and operates 4 multi-figure organizations while traveling the world advising emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

Ira Curry's aim is to transform employees into employers by guiding, advising and supporting the new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs on each phase of their journey, from planning to implementation. He believes true human potential happens when opportunity and hope meet.

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